What my patients say....

To whom it may concern:

Since my days as a college athlete, I had suffered from a shooting pain in my lower back that ran down my leg. I had tried many remedies, from physical therapy to muscle relaxers. All were to no avail and without several ibuprofen a day, I simply could not sit still from the pain. Driving made it even worse and when I began commuting weekly between Sedona and Phoenix, the problem grew from pain to agony. Shortly after, I met Doctor Risley at a social function and decided to call upon his services.

I was only in the Phoenix area on the weekends, but Dr. Risley recognized my misery and was willing to fit me in. I was immediately impressed with his professional demeanor, his knowledge, and the environment of his office. He was very straight forward with me by letting me know that it would take more than one visit to correct my problem, but that I would not have to see him once a week for the rest of my life, as many chiropractors have a reputation of doing. After three visits, not only was my initial problem gone, but several other joint aches and pains were addressed and taken care of as well. He also made sure that I was educated on how to maintain my spinal health on my own with different posture, exercises and stretches.

I am now fully athletic and active again, and driving long distances are no longer a concern. I still see Dr. Risley about four times a year for spinal check-ups but he makes sure I only receive the necessary adjustments. I am incredibly thankful for his services, and because his office bills insurance companies for both my boyfriend and me. We never have to worry about seeing him for emergencies or maintenance. I strongly recommend Dr. Risley to anyone suffering from pain or injury or just interested in maintaining their spinal and joint health.



To whom it may concern:

My first appointment with Dr. Risley was an emergency and on a Weekend. He spent a lot time with me to understand my physical problems such as Diabetes, and some complications with that.

That day I had relief! With a minimum of appointments, I was well again. His staff took care of my insurance, getting well was all I had to worry about.

My work has me answering over 400-phone calls every day. Dr. Risley has shown me exercises that will help relieve the tension I have everyday. The office is open at times that I can be seen, after 5:00 at night and on weekends.

I am the Wellness Director here in my office and I recommend him to my entire staff of employee's, He has a very caring gentle way of treatment.

Yours truly,


To Whom It May Concern:

Dr. Risley was recommended to me at work when I turned wrong and injured my back. I needed to see someone immediately and he accommodated me. I had immediate relief and with a few more sessions I was back to normal very quickly. He also instructed me in various exercises that would strengthen my back.

As I don't sleep much, these exercises have become essential to my well being and from time to time Dr. Risley has updated me on various programs through E-mail. His concern for his patients does not end at their last session, which is admirable and something he can be quite proud of as it is lacking in many today.

In addition, he arranged all of my visits after work so that I would not be under any stress of making up time missed. This made quite a difference, I believe, in my speedy recovery also.

I have no qualms about referring others to him, and have done so, as he is without a doubt one of the best chiropractors I have ever seen.

Sincerely yours,


To whom it may concern:

Dr. Risley has been a great benefit to our family. For myself he was able to relieve a long time problem with vertigo and help heal a very painful case of tendonitis in my elbow. He was also able to relieve the pain my nine-year-old son was having in his neck. Most of all Dr. Risley has tremendously helped my husband who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. His job is very stressful which aggravates this. Dr. Risley is very flexible about his hours and will go to the office for his patients when every they need him. We recommend Dr. Risley to all our family, friends and co-workers!



Dr Risley,

Since initially visiting you for chronic leg pain, I have been pleasantly surprised with the ongoing care that I have received. I receive an adjustment every two or three months and have had no leg or back pain. Headaches, which have been common with the amount of computer work that I do, are a thing of the past. Thank you for the excellent care that you provide and for the genuine concern you show with each visit.