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About Chiropractic Care

What exactly is Chiropractic? Chiropractic is a bloodless, drugless, century old healthcare delivery system that addresses the integrity of the musculo-skeletal system and the effect it has on the nervous system. What we do as chiropractors, is improve joint function and mobility which influences function of the nervous system by affecting specialized nerves in and around the bodies joints. This, in turn, has a positive response to the nervous system. We do this by manipulating the non-normal functioning joints of the spine, this we call an adjustment. We do not dispense drugs, do surgery, deliver babies or set broken bones. We help remove the impediments to health and allow the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic is concerned with regaining, enhancing and maintaining proper function of the body through natural healthcare with nutrition, exercise, flexibility, posture and most importantly, chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments allow for optimal joint function with smooth coordinated muscle contraction and pain free range of motion. Life is motion and without it, our quality of life suffers and we cease to function.

About Your Doctor

Dr. Risley is an Arizona native and a third generation, Palmer College of Chiropractic physician. His father, a retired chiropractic physician, started his practice in the early 1960's in central Phoenix where he was in practice for 30 years. He also has an uncle in Florida who recently retired after over 40 years of practice. His Great Uncle in Pennsylvania practiced in Pennsylvania for over 50 years up until death a few years ago.

"Chiropractic has come a long way since the days of my father's practice. He and others like him, despite ignorance, prejudice, and persecution, were instrumental in its early development, maturation, and growth. We have seen great strides in chiropractic's perception, acceptance, and scientific research in the past decade. It has become a mainstream licensed health care profession, the third largest after medicine and dentistry."

Dr. Risley's practice emphasis is on the evaluation and treatment of disorders of the neuro-musculo-skeletal system. He utilizes very specific joint assessment, manipulation and rehabilitation in his practice to help patients minimize pain and maximize function to the body.

"Assessing neuro-musculo-skeletal problems requires a multi-dimensional approach. One must address the area of complaint but also address the whole spine as a complex functional unit. Due to the great complexity and interconnectiveness of the body, lower extremity problems can manifest into spinal problems and vice versa. The body can be viewed as a dynamic kinetic chain, each region affecting higher and lower areas of function."

Dr. Risley also evaluates other important areas such as nutrition, ergonomics, muscle function, posture, flexibility, fitness and activity levels.

"Mainstream chiropractic empowers patients to take on an active role in their own health care through nutrition, exercise, stretching and other home activities as soon as possible. This empowers the patient to be independent, not dependent upon care."

Using an Integrated Approach to Provide You with the Best Possible Care.

"As a portal of entry health care provider, I am trained to evaluate your condition and provide you health care as necessary. Sometimes you may have conditions that may be out of our scope of practice or require another specialist's evaluation. Our close proximity and good working relationships with local hospitals and medical offices assures you that your condition is taken care of in a highly professional manner. "

Treating You as a Person, Not a List of Symptoms.

"Although unfortunate, many physicians treat their patients as if they were on an assembly line. Personal attentive care is most often lacking in the Doctor-Patient relationship. My role in your health care serves as a guide because; true healing comes with personal commitment and guidance. I recognize that you play a very important part in the healing process. You will be instructed on how to be proactive on your own to help speed recovery and get you better sooner. Rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of care possible and be treated with the dignity and respect that you deserve. I recognize that everyone is unique and deserves individualized care, this is why I take the time to listen intently and explain all aspects of your condition. Your health is my main concern. "


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