Haunted House

For many years, our office put on an elaborate Haunted House. It was a chance for us to say "Thank You" to the community that was so instrumental to our success.

Our planning began 6 to 9 months prior and involved bi-weekly staff meetings. During the month of October, we met once a week for final planning and finalizing. In preparation for the event, our office closed down for two full days. Our cast of 30-40 people included: Doctors, staff, recruited (drafted!) family members, friends, and patients. This was a big theatrical event which involved extensive work. We removed all of our ceiling tiles, put up black-out over all of the walls, moved heavy equipment and tables, relocated computers, desks, and files, and then decorated each room into different vignetes or themes. We rented special equipment such as lighting, audio/visual effects, and smoke machines. Most of the year, our props lie in storage, and over the years we have accumulated quite a number of interesting objects, including a full size coffin! We usually averaged about 600-800 patrons every Halloween. Here are some pictures from our past haunts!

Drs' and John WayneJimmy HendrixBlackbeardFat ElvisElvis

Sir William WallaceJohn Wayne, Einstein, Dr. LivingstoneSteak in HeartGuillotine

HeadlessDraculaDracula and FriendsSleeping Dracula

Grass SkirtSinging Castaway's ThemeGilligan's Island

Children of the CornHellraiserSnakecharmerWindow Decor

Bride of FrankensteinMad doctorMad doctor 2Welcome to Cairo, Passports please!

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