The "Swiss" ball has become very popular in rehabilitation circles in the past ten years due to its simplicity, high patient compliance (actually fun to do), cost, and effectiveness for building strength, balance and coordination. It is used most exclusively in this office for re-training coordination and balance in the lumbar spine.

As with any exercise program, please consult with a chiropractic physician or other rehab. specialist first.

The following program is designed for low back disc syndrome's. The basic idea behind the ball is to improve coordination and balance, which in turn, causes the muscles and joints in the lumbar spine to have a better appreciation of position sense, balance and coordination. Once you have increased your sense of balance, you are less likely to re-injure your spine due to the neurological retraining you have performed.

1. BASIC BOUNCE [one minute warm-up]
Starting position: Sit correctly on the ball in optimal posture Movement/Exercise: Begin bouncing by pushing feet into the floor and tightening thigh and hip muscles to slightly lift trunk, relax. Continue bouncing by alternating tightening and relaxing these muscles as vigorously as balance, coordination and comfort allow in optimal posture.
Basic Bounce
2. LEG LIFT: [15 reps]
Sit on ball. Arms may be in any position to help you keep your balance, except holding the ball. Lift one leg, hold 3 seconds, and put it back down. Alternate legs.
Leg Lift
3. PELVIC TILT: [one minute]
Sit on ball. Using hips, roll ball from side to side as far as possible, leaning in the opposite direction. Hands may be on hips or outstretched. Exhale while you are leaning, and inhale while you return to your upright position. Then, repeat the same motion but from front to back one minute.
Pelvic Tilt
Sit on ball. Move ball in a circle clockwise using hips. Keep shoulders level and feet planted. Allow lower spine to move as much as possible. Then, reverse direction and go counter-clockwise one minute.
5. CROSS EXTENSION: [15 reps.]
Kneel behind ball, hands on floor. Raise one arm and opposite leg squeezing buttocks as leg lifts off floor. Alternate to other side. Inhale as leg lifts, exhale as leg lowers.
Crossed Extensor
6. SUPERMAN: [15 reps.]
Kneel behind ball, trunk over ball, dig toes into floor. Raise arms, straighten legs and lift trunk off ball. Press hips into ball and squeeze buttocks. Reverse and return to starting position. Inhale when lifting, exhale when lowering.